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I can not say enough about Sauer Farms; both the horses and the people.  I was honored to work for the Sauer's over the summer of 2004 training colts.  While doing so, I had the opportunity to work with and around Merryboy Hancock and his offspring.  I was very impressed with the conformation and minds on these horses and was just as impressed with the mares that have been so carefully chosen for the breeding program.  Not only are the end results impressive with respect to each years foal crop, but also the way each mare and foal is cared for and handled during breeding, foaling, and with regards to day-to-day care.  I was also able to purchase one of Merryboy's 2004 colts, Hancock's Boy Wonder (Robin), whom I continue to be impressed with and look forward to starting in the summer of 2006.  Thanks again, Tracy, for a great experience, great horse, and most of all a great friendship!  God Bless You!  ~Amanda Winkle,  LaGrande, Oregon USA

I really love your site it is so refreshing. The photos taken are really beautifully done.
Joreen lono ( kaneohe, Hi USA, NY USA 

Thank you for keeping in contact the past few years.  I enjoyed getting acquainted with you through Fiddle Back Ranch when you were looking at Hancock Can.  I love seeing what you are doing with your breeding program.  It looks awesome!   Mel Essex, Digital Design Shop

Wow. Nice and unique site, hope to see more soon.!
Chelly ( Montana, NY USA, NY USA

Tracy, you are a wonderful person to deal with and very honest about horses. I'm so glad to have purchased three of your horses. Frost has been a wonderful horse and continues to do very well on Barrels. Camie is also very nice although I didn't keep her, she has turned out nice for my friend Janis. And then there is Scooby who I'm looking forward to getting home to work with. Thank you again for working with me on all the horses. Just thought I would let you know that I will continue purchasing horses from your site in the future. Keep up the great work.
Anna Montagano ( Moundhouse, NV USA 

You have a wonderful site and really beautiful horses.
Bill Arnold ( Clinton, WI USA 

Judy, Tracy and family's...just want to thank you *again* !!! The grulla mare *Priss* I bought from you a month ago or so is absolutely awesome.. she is beautiful! What can I say? I couldn't have done better. It is a pleasure to do business with the Sauer's, I look forward to doing so again, God Bless.
J. Boyd ( Burns, Oregon USA 

Tracy is the most HONEST horse person I have ever dealt with. She is easy to work with and I really appreciate all of your efforts, Tracy. I will own a Hancock baby in the future. The best to you in 2004. My love to Cruiser:) Thank you!!!
Sandie Kistler ( Phoenix, AZ USA 

this website is pretty cool! you have pretty horses
kryn Allen (
port angeles, washington usa - Sunday, March 21, 2004 at 16:59:20 (PST)

You have a wonderful website. I found it seeking Rat Terrier breeders, and was truly happy to see your horses! Thank you and keep up the good work! Jackie, Vancouver WA  Jackie Denny ( Vancouver, WA USA 


Beautiful website and absolutely gorgeous horses! Good luck in all your endeavors
Sue (  Greeley, CO United States 

Hello Sauer family, What a great web site. I love it. Thank you for showing us around your ranch. You made me feel like family. What a beautiful place you have. Look forward to doing business with you in the future. God bless. Thanks again.
Jill Ann Green (  Mound House, NV USA 

Wow Tracy....very nice website!!! Did you create this yourselves?
Kathy Dyer-Morris ( Sumner, WA USA 

i really like your site and if you don't mind me asking did you do this yourself or does it cost so much to have @ month? Oh i still have the red roan mare she has a dun or buckskin colt at her side this year. When the colt comes a weanable age i will be selling him and his mother is still for sale i haven't advertised much... Your horses are very nice there are some i really really like. But i'm horse poor.. lol the horses own me anymore... lol Have a fantastic day and the best luck with your site ;) :)
Shelly O'Bryan ( Kadoka, SD USA 

We wish you all the best in your new adventures as a family. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Joanie Paul and Howard, Jeffery, "C.J." ( Silver Creek, WA USA 

Tracy, how nice to meet you and your family and see your beautiful farm. We are so pleased with the two girls that we got from you, Smokes Royal Gem and Drift With Sammi. Looking forward to Gem's foal by SkipsNoPassing in a few weeks. Thanks again.   Nancy Focht ( East Wenatchee, WA US 

Tracy It was a pleasure to see your web page. I am impressed. You have followed well in your dads foot steps with the horses. Becky
Becky McDougall ( woodland, wash. 

Nice web site. You have nice horses. Love the colored ones. I'll keep coming back to visit.    Vicki Ross ( Keller, WA usa

your horses are really nice and my kids loved seeing this web page. thanks. 

You have nice horses.
Bill Martin (  Rio Linda, Calif. USA

Great Site,, Love them 2003 babies! I can hardly wait! Come and have a peek some time when you get a chance.
Tina Sisson (  Bowden, Canada 

Tracy I wanted to say thank you ,You have made my dreams come true ,I couldn't ask for a better person to deal with ,I hope to do more horse talking with you ,And look forward to picking up my lovely herd from you and maybe adding a few more ,Keeping my fingers crossed for that blue roan colt and then I will have my stud from the most beautiful stud in the world I don't know what else to say with out making myself cry with happiness you are a blessing and may god bless you thank you for the chance in my program Wendy   Wendy ( Mira Loma , CA USA 

Just thought I would ck out your site! It looks like a nice place for our Hancock Can to go. I hope we can work things out!
Mel Essex ( Meeteetse, wy usa 

Thanks Tracy for being so helpful. We are enjoying the purchase of our blue roan colt Steel. we look forward to seeing him mature and by husband cannot wait to ride him already. You have very friendly and easy going mannered horses. Thanks again for all your help
Greg and Mindy Fisher/DreamCatcher Ranch ( Grapeview, Wa USA 

Hi, I was just looking around. You have very nice website & some beautiful horses. We have a son of Plenty Sage Hancock. I believe you own a mare we contacted Mr Gist about buying, but she was already sold. I guess you beat us to her. Good luck with your 2003 foal crop. Please drop by & visit us at our website sometime.   Robin ( Humansville, MO USA 

Hi, your site was wonderful. Love your horses! I have a grulla Tobiano Paint mare w/dun factor. Just surfing around for breeding prospects:) Thanks, Benna
Benna Stiver ( Constantine, MI USA 

Tracy, it was great to meet you and see your horses. You have some really nice roans and grullas for sale. Thanks for the great deal on Crowbar and I look forward to seeing this years babies!!!! Thanks   Tamie Secanti ( MIlwaukie, Oregon USA 

Good looking site; Thanks for letting us enjoy your site Sheila & Wayne Wright West Virgina Trinvila Farm   Sheila and Wayne Wright (CODYSARK9@AOL.COM) tornado, WV USA 

Hey Tracy, LOVE your site and all of the horses on it (ESPECIALLY the little red roan, I think his name is RED, just joking. All of the horses are nice, and so are their owners. For Everyone thinking about purchasing a horse from the Sauer's do it you'll be glad you did. Catrina O'Connor from the OConnor Performance Horses.
Catrina O'Connor (   Rio Linda, CA USA 

Great site   Randy Sauer ( Kelowna, British Columbia Canada 

Tracy--was great talking to you on the phone the other nite...was so nice of you to call. i cant wait until i get ready to buy another horse cuz i know i am gonna buy from you..i will keep in touch also....your website really looks great..i really like those grullo babies..thats what im shooting for except i want one out of purty or her by the time i get ready to buy one of them girls will have had a grullo..if not..color realy doesnt matter..cuz i like pals and bucks too....:)
Sammi Schorzman (    Post Falls, Idaho 

Nice web site!! I am interested in the King Fritz bred mare's future offspring, (Driftwoods Blue Tara), who is she in foal to for next year's foal. Thank you very much. Joan Steinheimer     Joan Steinheimer (  Bakersfield, CA USA 

love your horses...i noticed some of your colts have the bloodline of bar money's gold...i had a mare out of Bar Money's Gold...she was wonderful had her for 22 years had to put her down sept.28,2002 but i got a beautiful stud colt out of you own the bar money's gold horse that r in these bloodlines of your horses? can u email me and talk a little.. thanks...
Sammi Schorzman ( post falls, Idaho usa 

I was just going through websites about horses and found yours. It was a pleasure to visit your site, your horses for sale are wonderful. Thank you for letting me sign your guest book and congratulations for your website. Peter Black - Editor at
Peter Black ( Montreal, Quebec Canada 

Hi Tracey Stop by for a visit, Your foals are looks really great. I really like the colt (blue roan) from Merryboy Hancock and Streaky Black Lady. I will stop by again soon. Good Luck
Debbie at Dusty Britches Farm Quarter Horses ( Alberta Canada 

I am inquiring about your Bay Roan colt, is a trade possible on this one also? We have a few reg. quarter horse mares that you may be interested in. Give us a call or email if you might be interested. Thanks Ken Haugen
Ken Haugen ( Puposky, MN USA 

I really enjoyed your site and think it's great your raising the Joe Hancock line. Best of Luck! I'd Love to do business with you some day.
Angela Davidson ( Rosamond, CA 

Great Job on raising some of the nicest babies around.  Its A pleasure to view your web site and the quality quarter horses that you are raising. I hope to own one soon. Denice    Denice Still ( Ridgefield, Washington 

We love your website the foals are so adorable!!
Steffani and Erica Crawford ( /
Tualatin, OR ~USA~ 

Hi I sure do like your web site ! Blue is doing great and his first colt is on the ground
Sigurd Jensen ( Elmo, MT US 

Hi, wanted to show Jessica your horses. They are all very beautiful animals. I can't wait to see them in person. hopefully very soon. love, Kim
Kim Felix (your cousin/niece) (  Roseburg, or usa 

Hi, Your Stallions are really beautiful..... I really like your colt " Hancock's Rusty Baron" He is really pretty...Maybe add horses with more chrome to your stock if you like that... I hope you don't mind me saying that..... Keep up the good breeding
Sarah ( Bullhead City, az U.S.A 

Hello..GREAT horses and web site!!
Arthur Quarterhorses (  Michigan GREAT USA 

Hi Tracy great web site! I really miss the farm. And the foals look beautiful.
Brandy James (  LaCenter, Wa USA 

Congrats on a lovely colorful 2002 foal crop. Your stallion is a very nice lookin fella. All the best in your future endeavors. We breed for color too, stop by for a visit sometime at Sherman Farms Grullo Quarter Horses, we still have several foals yet to come for this year we we had all ours on the ground already like yourselves. url:
Roxanne (   Alberta Canada 

very nice site Tracy and Mel is doing great . Rena
rena rucker (ropinrucker) benton city, wa usa 

What a beautiful bunch of babies. I've been looking around and you have some of the best I've seen and they are under priced. Awesome babies. Love Ya Linda
Linda ( Kalama, Wa USA 

Hi Tracy, Every thing is looking good! You're doing a great job on your web site!
Darcy McMillen ( Imbler, Oregon 

Great website.... and beautiful horses. Congrat on the new babies. All the best in 2002. Drop by my site if you have time at I raise running QH with some foundation it them. thank-you Deb
Debbie Ganser ( Alberta Canada 

I like the new web design. God bless the foaling of this year. Last year was good for me because I got one of Blues foals. She's still classy as ever. Hope to see more pics.
Carrie Cox (  La Grande, OR 

You have some wonderful roans. Enjoyed visiting your site. Good Luck during the foaling season. Stop by our site and say hi.
Marcel or Monica Picton (   Grunthal, Manitoba Canada 

The website looks WONDERFUL! Keep up the good work - pictures are nice and clear - easy to get around - laid out well! Nice horses as always - I know because I own one and soon to get another! - you guys are great to work with and your horses are what you say they are! Good luck on your 2002 foal crop - the ones already here are sure nice!    Karen (  Deer Island, OR 

Great website Tracy!!! I love seeing all the foals from the past. I will send you one of Fancy so you can add her too. Miss you. Nae
Renae ( Kalama, WA usa 

Looks great kid. Adding the broodmares is a good idea. but other than that its great. and so are your horses. I know I have one of them!!!!!
Linda Gray (  Kalama, Wash USA 


Very nice Tracey you need to put you're broodmares on you're site. Other that Great Job on you're site Gina
Gina Pemberton ( Circle P Ranch ) ( Battle Ground, Wa USA 

Just checking everything out! Looks great!
Darcy McMillen (     Enterprise, Oregon United States 


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