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Merryboy's Foals


2010 Blue Roan Filly (Torry)

2010 Chocolate Roan Colt (Echo)

2010 Roan Colt (Hoss)

2010 Bay Filly (Rainy)

2009 Sorrel Colt (Ranger)

2009  Bay Colt (Peppy)

2009 Blue Roan Stallion  (Knight)

2009 Dun Filly (Clover)

2009 Blue Roan Filly (Dawn)

2009 Roan Gelding (Buck/Mobie)
2008 Sorrel Gelding (Cruz) 
2008 Bay Dun (Dunny)

2008 Blue Roan Stallion (Fooler)

2008 Red Dun Gelding (Gunner)

2008 Blue Roan Filly (Bella)

2008 Black Bay Filly (Lolly)

2008 Blue Roan Filly (Sadie/Sapphire)

2008 Bay Roan Filly (Shine)

2007 Blue Roan Stallion (Hot Shot)

2007 Bay Roan Gelding (Lil Dude)

2007 Blue Roan Mare (Dolly)

2006 Black Gelding  (Boogie)

 2006 Red Roan filly (Cee Cee)

2006 Blue Roan Dun Stallion (Dunny)

2006 Bay Stallion (Dandy)

2006 Sorrel gelding (Ranger)

2006 Black Filly (Rica)

2006 Bay Filly (Anna)

2006 Red Roan gelding (Rebel)

2005 Black Gelding (Comet)
2005 Sorrel Gelding (Rowdy)

2006 Red Roan Gelding (Freckles)

2005 Blue Roan Filly (Windy)
 2005 Bay Roan Filly (Sweetie)
2005 Blue Roan Filly (Gunny)

2005 Black Gelding (Fritzy)
 2005 Red Roan Gelding (Renegade)
2005 Bay Roan Filly (Blitzen)

2005 Blue Roan colt (Papa Fritz)
 2005 Black Colt (Baron)
2005 Black Colt (Doc)

2004 Red Roan Gelding (Hershey/Poncho)
 2004 Blue Roan Gelding (Scooby)
2004 Bay Gelding (Cruz)

2004 Gray Gelding (Smoke)
 2004 Chestnut Gelding (Robin)
2004 Black Colt (Ben)

2004 Blue Roan Filly (Patty/Charm)
 2004 Red Roan Filly (Tinker)
2004 Black Stallion (Topper)
Standing in California

2003 Chestnut Mare (Bumper sticker)
 2004 Buckskin Filly (Gem)
2004 Bay Roan Gelding (Badger)
2003 BlueRoan Stallion  (Rocky)
Standing in Oregon
 2003 Bay Roan Filly (Goody)
2003 Red Dun Filly (Trinket/Cami)

2003 Grullo Roan Colt
2003 Blue Roan filly (Bell) Now in France 
2003 Blue Roan Stallion (Moony)
Stolen From us Keep your eyes open for Brooke Smith

2002 Blue Roan Stallion (Ace)
Standing in California

Ace 1st place at 1st show Sept.-2003 OWNED AND SHOWN BY GAYLE FLAHERTY

2003 Bay Roan Gelding (Riser)

2002  Roan colts (Roper & Ace)

2002 Red Roan Gelding (Fame)

2002 Sorrel Gelding (chrome)

2002 Black Filly (Missy)

2002 Buckskin Filly (Cash)

2002 Buckskin Filly (Cash)
Black Filly (April) 2002
2002 Bay Roan Stallion (Steel)
Standing in Washington
  2001 Blue Roan Filly (Jewel)

2000 Sorrel Gelding (Bugs)

2000 Bay Roan Fillies (Brandy) & (Dazzy)


2000 Sorrel Filly (Maddie)

2000 Dun Roan Filly

2000 Red Roan Gelding (Baron)

2000 Bay Roan (Rooster)

2000 Blue Roan Stallion (Blue)   
Standing in Montana   


1999 Sorrel Gelding (Sporty)

1999 Red Roan Mare (Melody)

1999 Bay Roan Gelding (Frost)


1997 Bay Roan Mare (Fancy)

1995 Blue Roan Gelding (Blue)
1996 Bay Roan Gelding (Scooter)


1995 Blue Roan Gelding (Blue)

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